PEARSON + PROJECTS, a home for projects, ideas and inspiration for DIY enthusiasts, home makers and renovators. Brought to you by Alice + Caleb Pearson, husband and wife duo, winners of The Block NZ 2013.

We are Caleb and Alice Pearson. 

In August 2009 we purchased our first home. With no bathroom, walls stripped bare, unlived in for months – we had a project on our hands. With no renovation or DIY experience – we had a challenge on our hands. The first day we picked up hammers and crowbars and started demolition, was the day our journey of learning and experimenting begun. Starting with ideas, working out a plan and making it happen – using our hands and our heads to renovate, create, modify and develop - Projects.

Our appetite for Projects has continued to develop and is now stronger than ever. The creation of Pearson + Projects is an extension of our passion for Projects and wanting to share this with others.

We have since been fortunate to renovate a house every year. Each one memorable and each one a challenge for us to develop our skills - whether it being practical skills, creative ideas, managing budgets, planning in advance, arranging quotes and tradepeople.

2013 was an unforgettable year for us. We were selected to be contestants on The Block NZ – giving us the opportunity to work on a project of a scale we had never been involved in and stakes which had never been so high. We learnt a huge amount and were able to push our design and abilities to a new scale and level. After 10 weeks of putting everything we had into this project - we were blessed to become the winners of The Block NZ season 2.

When we have not been working on renovating, we always have a list of projects to keep us busy. Pearson + Projects is not just what we have been up to, but a community for like minded people who can pass on their project and design learning's.

Didn't watch The Block NZ Season 2 - no problem, we have all our good bits right here...