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What's your Budget? It's a question you will hear constantly as you renovate. We have created a video blog series to people answer that question and ensure they get the best return on renos made to their property. It’s all about Dollars and Sense, so if you are reno-ing, this is a must watch!

The Budget Basics

Budgeting. It’s a love-hate relationship. Caleb “the saver” gets excited about spreadsheets, while Alice “the spender”… not so much! After seven renovations, we have come to value and prioritise the role a budget has within each of our projects.

Setting a Budget

We share our strategy for setting our overall project budget for a renovation. This can and may vary widely depending on the state of your house, its location and the scope of your plans.

Allocating a Budget

If you know how much you want to spend on your renovation - or how much you have available - the next step is to break this down and allocate it to the projects within your renovation.

Spending the Budget

We share about how we spend the budget we have set! We give advice on how we price our reno plans, source products, work with tradies and find ways to save as we spend.

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