HOW TO | Make a Custom Swab

Timeframe: 1 Day  | Tools Required: Scissors, Pins, Needle, Measuring Tape and Iron  | Materials Required: Foam, Base Material, Fabric for Swab, Adhesive Spray and Thread.

Tips for Sewing a Foam Swab

Select quality material

I selected a fabric from Hemptech. The 100% Hemp collection is called Rinnovo. This is made from hemp sourced from Eastern Europe and woven in Belgium for the best quality. This fabric has a stonewash finish with a beautiful soft handle that can be used for not only upholstery but also for drapes for those who are after a substantial weighted fabric. Available in 12 gorgeous colours. Sunlight fastness rating of 6 out of 8 and martindale rub rating of 35,000.

Wrap fabric around the front of the swab

As you plan how you will sew the foam swab, make sure the fabric meets at the back and that the stitching is hidden as much as possible. This ensures the front of the swab doesn’t have any seams and give you a cleaner look.

Sew as much as you can inside out

Sewing is easier and faster of you can sew two sides of the cover from the inside. If you foam doesn’t have any curves, then this is possible. Make sure you sew with small stitches and in a straight line that you can create with either tape or chalk. Measuring the circumference of the foam will ensure you sew the cover to the correct size.


This HOW TO video was brought to you by Hemptech. Hemptech designs innovative natural and sustainable textiles for the Australasian soft furnishing and interior design industry. Hemptech is passionate about creating fabrics of the highest standard and this is reflected in their reputation for outstanding product and service.

Posted on April 9, 2019 .