HOW TO | Makeover your Front Door

Your front door is the first thing that greets your visitors, it can be memorable OR just bearable depending on it’s look! Here is how we our took our tired red front door and transformed it to be a design feature and also added security to our house, all in a weekend!

Timeframe: 2 Days | Tools Required: Painting - Paint Brush, Mini Roller, Tape and Drop Cloth all from Resene. Deadbolt Installation - Drill, Drill Bit, Hole Saw, Screw Driver, Spade Spilt, Chisel and Hammer. Doorbell Installation - Screwdriver | Materials Required: Paint from Resene, Igloohome Digital Deadbolt and Ring Video Doorbell from Noel Leeming.

Step One: Select a fun bold colour from your local paint store. I selected Resene Good as Gold, it a strong yellow but has a natural tone reflecting clay. Some of my other favourite feature colours are Resene Weathered Orange, Resene Seaweed, Resene Soothe, Resene Desperado or Resene Salsa.

Step Two: Prepare and paint the door. If the weather is warm, you can get 2-3 coats done in a day. Tape your door handle and any surfaces you don’t want to paint, as well as having a drop cloth under the door.

Step Three: Once the door is fully dried, install the digital deadbolt. Deadbolt is compatible with doors with a thickness of 38mm to 50mm with clearance from door edge >110mm. Full installation instructions (as well as the drilling template) are in the the product box, as well as further instructions online.

Step Four: Install your video doorbell. First set up your Ring Video Doorbell 2 in the Ring app. Through the app footage, find the best placement for your doorbell to give you a view of your front door and surrounding area. Installation process is simple, with more information on Noel Lemming website.

Step Five: Enjoy your stylish and safe front door!

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Posted on December 4, 2018 and filed under HOW TO.