HOW TO | Stain a Deck with Cabot's Aqaudeck

Time: 1 day | Tools Needed: Cabot’s Aquadeck, Deck Prep, Deck Pole, Deck Hand and Deck Coat all from Guthrie Bowron.

Staining, oiling or even painting your deck is recommended approach to your wood maintenance, our harsh New Zealand sun can do damage to the toughest of woods. If you have a new deck, it is best to apply some sort of finish if you want it to last. Leaving the natural timber will lead to your deck cracking, splitting, warping, which ultimately means it won’t last as long as it could. We would recommend staining your deck with Cabot’s Aquadeck - a highly durable, low odour decking oil that is designed to provide exceptional durability to all exterior surfaces and lasts twice as long as traditional decking oils.

Step 1: Depending on the condition of your timber additional preparation may be required. If you have a deck that hasn’t weathered longer than 4-6 weeks, you can use New Timber Prep so you can stain sooner.

Step 2: Brush away all loose bits of dirt and rinse off with water.

Step 3: Prepare timber with Deck Clean in your Deck Hand to remove dirt and timber oil that may impact the final finish. With your Cabot's Deck Prep, a multi-purpose cleaning brush scrub the cleaning solution into the timber. A scraper can be used for removing tough dirt and debris. Wait 20 minutes then hose off.

Step 4: With your Deck Prep, use the squeegee for removing pools of water after cleaning for a faster dry time. Wait till the timber is completely dry before you do a first coat of stain.

Step 5: Stir your stain and pour it into the Deck Hand. Use the drainage tray for removing excess product from applicator.

Step 6: With the Cabot's Deck Pole, change your Deck Prep (cleaning brush) for the Deck Coat (the applicator head). Apply the stain with the lambswool swivel head applicator for coating on different angles and for maximum coverage. You may need to ‘cut in’ around the deck edges with a speed-brush or brush first.

Step 7: Leave for the first coat to fully dry (this should take around 2 hours) and then do a final coat.

Step 8: Enjoy your new deck!

Posted on January 26, 2018 .