HOW TO | Install a Marley Twist

Time: 10-15 minutes | Tools Needed: The Marley Twist diverter with filter, downpipe brackets and the cutting template. Screwdriver, the fixings for your cladding type, tape measure and a fine-toothed saw. No glue is required.

We have found the perfect product for all sorts of homeowners - The Marley Twist, a compact rainwater diverter that turns your downpipe into a free source of water. The team at Marley have got pretty clever with delivering a way for you to collect and conserve the free rainwater that falls on your roof. It’s created in New Zealand for New Zealanders so we decided to add it to the rookies’ downpipe to encourage them into their outdoor space and its renovation potential.

We love having a Marley Twist to conserve rainwater water. In using less mains water, you make two types of savings, financial and environmental. Imagine the impact on the environment that would be made if every home had one of these!

Having a rainwater diverter that is connected to a collection tank, means you can store clean rainwater to use for general cleaning, watering the garden and to have water available in case of emergencies. A simple addition to your downpipe gives you a great water supply to help your civil defence plan too.

The Marley Twist is designed for Marley’s RP80 80mm round downpipe but there are adaptors for other downpipe sizes. Once you have installed the Twist, all the needed for maintenance is to periodically check the filter and rinse whenever is required. The Twist comes with the same 15 year warranty as the Marley’s spouting and downpipes.

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This blog was brought to you by Marley, we think they are pretty cool. You can find more information here.

Posted on August 27, 2018 and filed under Outside Project.