The Rumpus Room Reno: The Presentation

I am a big believer in designing homes and spaces that cater for the way you want to live. A few months ago we got started on a small project to transform our rumpus room into a home office and kids play room, as well as a storage space for my home staging business. We don't just want more room, we want to transform the way we live. Clever interior design isn’t about making spaces pretty or buying few cushions and doing the “chop”, it is about transforming spaces that encourage living the way you want to live. We are a few days into having a play room and I know this is a space that my kids will treasure. Leading Alek into his new play room, he took it all in and said with awe, “Mummy made this for me”. He knew I had been working hard, and to see my little boy spend hours playing and discovering made every bit of effort well worth it.

And yes – it does look pretty, but true to the way I furnish our home, I found ways to add my personal touch without spending a whole lot of money. All the details for furnishings are at the end of this blog. If you want to know more about my interior design choices in the renovation, hold tight, my next blog I will go through my design process and product selection for the renovation itself. So may I present our transformed rumpus room:

Kids CaravanMika’s Dress, Dinosaur Toy, Fairy Doll, Apple Dollhouse, Felt Bunting

Kmart - ABC Bunting, Craft Items, Lightbox Sign, Pot Plant Stand, Seagrass Basket

Nood – Kids Table Set and Office Chair

Pop Motif - Framed Artwork

Hip Kids - Piano

Ivy House - Rug

Alek’s Desk was made of a PlyTech sheet offcut and pine boxes purchased from Trademe.

Posted on September 11, 2017 and filed under Renovation.