Laundry Reno Recap | Charmer in Alexandra

When it comes to the laundry, is easy to shut the door and pretend it’s not there. Often it is the last project we will do in a renovation (if at all). That all changed when we arrived in Alexandra without a washer or dryer and had to use the laundromat. It didn’t take long for the laundry renovation to be at the very top of our project list. Here is how we transformed this neglected and tired laundry space into a functional and stylish laundry.

Tips for Laundry Renovation

  1. If you want to maximise your budget, design your laundry layout around exisiting fixtures. The only change we made was to add powerpoint underneath the bench for the washer and dryer, so we only spent $200 on trades for this space.

  2. Have fun with your colour scheme. I selected stunning greens from Resene for both the walls and cabinetry. Keep in mind that most appliances and tubs are white, so a little colour in the laundry gives the space vibrancy. I selected green to match the houses overall colour scheme and because green represents tranquility, good luck and health!

  3. Select the right appliances. Our Robinhood washer and dryer looks stunning and matches perfectly, but its main benefit is the function it gives our laundry. The washer handles 9kg of washing with 16 different wash programs and the energy and water ratings makes it very economical.

Cost Breakdown.png

Joinery - Fabwood $668

Bench Top - Archant $400

Appliances - Robinhood $3,398

Laundry Tub - Robinhood $1,699

Paint - Resene $334

Tiles - Trade Depot $ 50

Contractors - $200

Light Fittings - Mr Ralph $258

Shelving - Decor Handled $72

Handle - Archant $8.40

Total Cost: $3,689.40 (excluding appliances)

See the image gallery of our laundry renovation with a detailed list of all the products and furnishings within our laundry, so you can create this look in your own home.


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