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Laundry Reno Recap | Diamond in Richmond

Our original laundry inspired thoughts like “dingy, dark, damp, mould, cold” - not exactly the greatest motivation to do laundry on any given day! There was plenty of space to create something pretty special, and with some careful and creative planning, we have renovated our best laundry yet!

Six | Dollars and Sense - the budget series

Reconciling the Budget

At the end of our Dollars and Sense series, let’s chat about how the final numbers stacked up! Did we stick to our budget, blow the budget, change our budget, follow our own advice, was it worth it in the end?!?

Posted on August 15, 2019 and filed under Advice.

Five | Dollars and Sense - the budget series

Adapting the Budget

If there is one constant in renovating - it is that plans will constantly change! Some changes are big, some are small, some might save you money, some you might choose yourself, but the end result may mean you need to review and adapt your budget. Watch our latest VLOG to see how to deal with the situation head on by adapting the budget.

Four | Dollars and Sense - the budget series

Spending the Budget

Part Four of our Dollars and Sense budgeting series, we share about how we spend the budget we have set! We give advice on how we price our reno plans, source products, work with tradies and find ways to save as we spend.

Laundry Reno Recap | Charmer in Alexandra

When it comes to the laundry, is easy to shut the door and pretend it’s not there. Often it is the last project we will do in a renovation (if at all). That all changed when we arrived in Alexandra without a washer or dryer and had to use the laundromat. It didn’t take long for the laundry renovation to be at the very top of our project list. Here is how we transformed this neglected and tired laundry space into a functional and stylish laundry.

Three | Dollars and Sense - the budget series

Allocating the Budget

Part 3 of our ‘Dollars and Sense’ budgeting series is all about allocating your budget. In this video we explain how we go from setting our budget, to allocating it. Removing the guesswork, to make sure it is realistic and setting your budget up for a win.