Exterior Reno Recap | Charmer in Alexandra

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See how we took an overgrown and neglected outdoor space and created a lawn, a spa pool area with a spa leaner, a fire pit area with wood storage and then fenced off space for the washing line and the bins. It was big project... but so worth it! See how we transformed this space.

Tips for a Exterior Renovation

  1. Renovating the exterior of a house holds a lot of value and importance. Simply put, the exterior is the only space in your house that every single visitor will see, when it comes to high traffic areas the exterior will always rank #1. With exterior renovations you have the opportunity to make a strong first impression in terms of design and create additional living areas to relax and entertain in. It would be safe to say, most New Zealanders place a high value on outdoor living, so our outdoors had the most money allocated to it in our budget.

  2. Don’t underestimate the value of strategic planning when it comes your outdoor space. We spent plenty of time outside with a measuring tape and created a full plan of the space. As we planned, it wasn’t just about how the house and yard would look, but how to optimise the space we had and include everything we wanted. We created defined areas, breaking the design into smaller spaces to design more intentionally.

  3. Think about privacy. With the neighbours being close by, we invested into adding fencing along the front of the house, as well as adding trellis to one block wall and building up the other brick wall. Hedges another great way to add extra privacy and limit the view into your property from the street, but also soften fences and look sharp when trimmed well.

Cost Breakdown.png

Vehicle Crossing $3,590

Carparking $2,512

Spa Platform  $575

Trellis Fence $345

Block Wall $2,599

Concrete $542

Topsoil / Mulch / Rocks $460

Plants $1,380

Street Fencing $1,150

Clothesline $230

Grass $820

Paint and Oil - Resene $300

Gates $575

Total Cost: $15,079

room reveal all.png

See the image gallery of our renovation with a detailed list of all the products and furnishings within our exterior, so you can create this look in your own home.