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Welcome to our Diamond in Richmond

Our Diamond in Richmond. She might not be a diamond just yet, but we can sure see her potential. We didn’t seek out another old character home, but she definitely stood out. Another 1910’s beauty, a flat faced villa with a central hallway, high studs, and the lean-to extensions added over her 100 year life. Another big outside area, screaming for some attention and the chance to create some great outside living spaces. 

Exterior Reno Recap | Charmer in Alexandra

See how we took an overgrown and neglected outdoor space and created a lawn, a spa pool area with a spa leaner, a fire pit area with wood storage and then fenced off space for the washing line and the bins. It was big project that was our largest allocated budget... but so worth it.

Kitchen Reno Recap | Charmer in Alexandra

Our kitchen renovation was all about adding practical elements to the existing space and updating the design. We kept the original benchtop, cabinetry and layout but gave it a completely new look.

Bathroom Reno Recap | Charmer in Alexandra

This bathroom renovation has taken us by surprise, we haven’t made any major changes and yet the reno recap says it all! We didn't have budget to make any big changes, we had to work with what we had and embrace the existing farmhouse style. It meant hours of hunting down the right products to add and giving everything a good clean and a new coat of paint.

Dining Reno Recap | Charmer in Alexandra

The centre of the house, the source of heat and the place we eat! Our dining room is the heart of the home and was full of potential. Discover how we took this simple space, gave it a complete makeover with simply DIY projects and made it a show stopper.

Lounge Reno Recap | Charmer in Alexandra

The previous owner had used this space as a bedroom, but with the flow through the the dining room - we decided this was the best place for the lounge. This renovation was all about enhancing the timber details, accentuating the fireplace and adding some impact pieces in the lighting and drapes.

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Hallway Reno Recap | Charmer in Alexandra

Our hallway renovation was all about enhancing the character of this 1900s mudbrick house while adding some modern influence. What was once dark and dated, is now trendy, light, bright and breath-taking!

The Rookies Kitchen Project Reveal | The Reno Race

The Reno Race Rookies, Dan and Claire are first time home owners and renovators. There are a lot of things they are taking on for the very first time - a mortgage, power tools, a renovation budget, a project schedule, hiring trades, making interior design decisions... to name just a few! But by far their most significant first was their kitchen renovation.

Bathroom Project Reveal | Relocatable Reno

I have come to appreciate the simplicity of a small bathroom space and see the true potential of what a small space can hold. Being a small sized individual myself – I am an advocator for the fact big things come in small packages.

Master Bedroom Project Reveal | Relocatable Reno

Our master bedroom may not be much to look at in its original state. But it had my heart from the very start, thanks to its position in the house - mainly because of its distance from the kids bedrooms! This new master bedroom will be a retreat in our own home and therefore deserves our time and attention. Unfortunately, those are two things we don’t have in abundant supply.

Our Property Story: Third time's a Charm

I couldn’t stand in the house a moment longer - the smell was overwhelming. We had been to long lists of open homes and Caleb had been focusing on some select suburbs trying to find the next project for us. I got to see some things I would rather have unseen - inappropriate drawings on walls, bedrooms that feel very “fifty shades of grey” (I don’t mean the wall colour), hoarding. But this was the most memorable of them all. At the open home we entered a room with a male tenant laying across a bed in the lounge, shirtless, smoking, who said we had to keep the door closed as there were four cats who weren’t allowed outside. I counted 8 litter boxes - though from the smell I could tell it wasn't the only place these cats relieved themselves. I stood outside trying not to vomit, Caleb looked at me not sure what to expect and was getting ready to start his sales pitch.

Bathroom and Laundry Renovation

When your builder calls you to let you know he has 1.5 days free next week (when he is fully booked for months), and you are due to have your second child in a few weeks, there is only one answer to give – (or at least that was Alice’s thought) – let’s renovate the bathroom.

Kitchen Improvements - a fast and cost effective stragegy for kitchen renovations

There was no doubt that when it came to this property, the old kitchen needed to go, there was wasted space, cabinetry that was near death and a hot water cylinder taking up storage space. Though budget and time was incredibly tight (the two things you traditionally need in order to design a great kitchen) we were realistic, we knew that we needed to keep costs to a minimum and be decisive in what we wanted to design. 

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The success of your vision often lies in a detailed plan with clear objectives to achieve it. Getting yourself prepared and in a position to execute your plan.  From when we purchased this house at auction we had 4 weeks to create a detailed plan on how to achieve our vision and begin to put the cogs into motion to achieve this. 

New Project, Same Block

After months of searching and researching, talking with agents, visiting open homes and watching auctions go well above our expectations, our next project has ended up being a house only 7 houses down the road from our Hidden Treasure Project! Being familiar with the area now we think were onto something good. Our approach to finding a new project is to be flexible with our expectations and how we will achieve our objectives - avoiding a list of requirements a property must have and instead focusing on the opportunity.

The Bedrooms - Presenting your Home to Sell

Dressing a bedroom is your opportunity to give your home personality and draw out an even more emotional pull. I always make a point of dressing bedrooms in a way that woman will love, while men are outside figuring out where to put there BBQ and how easy it is to get their car out of the garage, women are in the bedrooms dwelling on how the space makes her feel. A bedroom needs a sense of space and a feeling of warmth and calmness. 

The Living Areas - Presenting your Home to Sell

Staging furniture and decor creates a stage for buyers to imagine what their lives would look like in your home. Staging creates a home that has an emotional pull and leaves out the guesswork for the buyers. Ultimately you are creating a place for someone to call home, and people never think of home with blank walls and no where to sit!

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Bathrooms - Common Questions, Our Answers

A bathroom may be a small space, but there is a lot to fit in - shower, vanity, storage, toilet, bath, mirror, towel rail, lighting, a fan and that’s just the essentials. Beyond fitting everything into the room there is the need for it to be practical - towel rails by the shower, mirror above the vanity, powerpoints accessible and lighting in the right areas. 

Kitchen Makeover

Everyone says it, because it true, kitchens are the heart of the home. It seems every time we have people over, the kitchen bench is the place they decide to sit. Kitchens are important; they sell houses and make homes. 

Teamwork Part 2 - There's no I in Team

Your team can make or break you, you may have a great vision – but without the right team, that vision will become a nightmare. To avoid that, you need to make sure you get the right people on board with you so that the vision of your renovation or project ends up as the picture you had in mind.

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