Guest Bedroom Reno Recap | Diamond in Richmond

Welcome to the Japanese room, inspired by our wallpaper that has adapted iconic symbols of Japanese culture. We decided to fully embrace a Japanese theme, adding elements of simplicity, minimalism ad nature into the interior design. In interior design, Zen reflects balance, harmony and relaxation - see how we created that look!

The Design Inspiration.

Caleb’s Grandmother is Japanese, so this room is more than just a Japanese inspired room, it’s my expression of Caleb’s lineage. As I designed the room, I thought a lot about Caleb’s mother Marilyn, her Japanese flair matched with her love of nature and colour. In Marilyns house, you often find candles burning and orchids displayed in vases - which is why I used them in this room. We can create rooms that reflect places we have been, people that we love or futures we are yet to see, interior design can evoke emotions and remind us of the things we value. That is the best type of design in my book!

The Planning Process.

A lot of the planning of this room fell into place. When you renovate as often as we do, you have a pretty good grasp on what products are available! As soon as I had picked the wallpaper, I used it as my base to the colour scheme of the room. The bubble pendant was something that had been on my wishlist of a while, I knew it would suit this room perfectly. The wardrobe design was simple, as Regency Wardrobe did all the planning for me - I simply sent them the measurements and they designed the wardrobe organiser!

The Workload.

What did we do ourselves? The carpet and drapes were installed by Hubbers Flooring. And Unovent Ventilation System was installed by them. The rest of the renovation was all us. Alice spend 3 days stripping all the wallpaper, then prepping all the surfaces for paint or wallpaper. Caleb repaired the sash windows and upgraded the hardware which only took a few hours. Within 2 days we had painted the ceiling, trims and door. Caleb upgraded the door handle. Alice spent one day wallpapering the whole room, after sizing the walls the night before. It took Caleb half to install the wardrobe and doors.

Cost Breakdown.png

Wallpaper - 14 Rolls HANAMI Wallpaper Pattern No HAN100381515 by We Love Wallpaper $2,520

Wallpaper Paste, Size and Equipment by We Love Wallpaper $200

Wool Loop Pile Carpet - Feltex Carpets Amesbury Colour Temple - Hubbers Flooring $1,275

Full Length Drapes with Tracks and Installation - James Dunlop Textiles Malaga Blush and James Dunlop Broadline Blush Lining - Hubbers Flooring $1,070

Custom Designed and Made Wardrobe – Imagine 5 Drawer Tower with top shelf and soft close hardware in Prime Panels Lite Oak – Regency Wardrobes $2,683

Custom Made Sliding Doors Savoy Series Sliding Wardrobe Doors in White Glass and Mirror – Regency Sliding Doors  $699

BUBBLE Pendant - Saucer - Large 75cm - Mr Ralph $799

Lockwood Velocity® Series Nero Collection Glide by Assa Abloy $52

Paint (including sealer and primer) - Resene $275

Total Cost: $9,573.00

room reveal all.png

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