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Confessions of a Home Styl-aholic – The Buying Addition

Style isn’t something some people have and others do not, the reality is while you flick through a home magazine or walk through an open home, you will either like the room or don’t – that originates from your style preference. When some people claim they have no style – their problem lies in the vast space from I know what I like to I can create that in my own home. To style well, every piece of furniture and décor needs to work together to create one complete look – this is where a lot of people getting frustrated, waste money or give up before they even give it a go. There is an art form to interior design and styling. It is creative and driven by emotion but at the same time there is structure and calculated decision making. 

Posted on January 27, 2017 and filed under Interior Design.

Furniture Restoration

Thoughts from Alice on how to give your furniture new life without spending too much money