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Living Project Reveal | Relocatable Reno

Every room in a renovation needs a starting point. The point of difference in the living room is that my starting point is the last thing you add to the room - the furniture. I don't mean a furniture floor plan, it is more calculated. The accent colour of cushions influenced the wall colour I selected, the placement of the TV determined how we repositioned a window, the tone of the wooden furniture impacted the finish I selected on our hardwood floors. I have found the best way to renovate and design a lounge is when you know exactly you want to furnish it in the end.

Bathroom and Laundry Renovation

When your builder calls you to let you know he has 1.5 days free next week (when he is fully booked for months), and you are due to have your second child in a few weeks, there is only one answer to give – (or at least that was Alice’s thought) – let’s renovate the bathroom.

Making it happen - Programme & Progress

As we shared in our first blog, this project was well planned before we had even received the keys, but as we have learnt, what you plan and what you actually achieve can be too very completely different things. As I find to often with Alice, I may plan out a budget, that doesn't mean she will stick to it! Therefore your planning is only as good as your programming and outworking of that plan. With renovations, you need to allow for extra tasks and costs to come up unexpected, but adjust the plan to accommodate those changes, not allow them to derail of of your preparations.

Babe, we just bought a house

I have a passion for property – all things property. While Alice can spend hours looking at clothes on line - I spend hours scrolling through property listings on trademe.

Posted on June 14, 2015 and filed under Renovation.

Colour My World

I love living in colour. Colour can transform a space, not just by transforming the appearance, but transforming the way a room feels.

Wallpaper Worthy

It's all about wallpaper. You may not have considered all the ways wallpaper can be the answer to some renovation problems and oh so stunning at the same time. Wallpaper may be worthy of a lot more than you think!

Light up a Room

Make the most of your lighting options, not just practically but for a design statement that will make your room memorable.

Get more Room

Landscaping is more than just planting, you can create extra room to live and play.

Furniture Restoration

Thoughts from Alice on how to give your furniture new life without spending too much money