The Expects Kitchen Project Reveal | The Race Race

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Our Reno Race project has been all about keeping costs down and renovating on a tight schedule. With the kitchen, we were pretty limited by what we could do, but what surprised us was how much of an improvement you can make without spending much money.

This kitchen makeover was completely cosmetic. We painted the bench top after using a laminate primer. We painted the old blue cabinetry a high gloss black and added some feature white handles. We installed a large black feature pendant and two downlights for task lighting. And while I asked Caleb to custom make me a little island, we found kitchen trolley on Trademe which gave the space more bench space and storage (and meant one less job for Caleb). Finally we sanded and oiled the floorboards and got rid of the blue walls with a warm white. If you want to find out more details about the renovation, all the costs and product details are at the bottom of this blog.

Cost Breakdown



Electrical by Pro-Spec $252

Floor Sanding and Oil by Active Floor Sanding Services $690

Painting by Contractor $1,724

Total Cost: $2,666



Lighting by Lighting Direct | Aston Pendant $239.90 Black Downlights $44.90 (purchased at 40% off on sale)

Cabinet Handles White Handle by Archant $130

Paint by Dulux Colours of NZ | Ceiling:  Ceiling Paint Flat in Okarito. Windows, Doors and Trims: Aquanamel Semi Gloss in Okarito. Walls: Low Sheen Wash&Wear in Mt Aspiring $180

Laminate Dulux PRECISION Maximum Strength Adhesion Primer $48 and Aquanamel Gloss Black Base $68

Kitchen Trolley from Trademe $299

Total Cost: $923