DIY Project | Hardwood Shelf

They don't come much easier than this. If impact and functionality is what your after for minimal effort and cost, then this is a project for you. A wall mounted shelf to add some style to your hallway or living space. 

The wood used for this shelf was a recycled joist from a demolished house, which had been dressed by a local joiner and stored in my garage for a few years unused. The wood itself has had no staining or oils, the nail holes are still visible - beauty in its imperfection. The hard wood and pattern creates character and warmth, but any form of wood can be used. Be sure to secure the fixings into studs to carry the weight of the wood and its contents.

Whilst projects vary in skill and cost required, there are many projects which are both simple and low cost. The beauty of this project is the impact it creates far exceeds both the effort and cost required to create it.

Supplier & Decor Details:

The brackets are from Akia, a NZ importer of Ikea products. Being the Ekby Valter wall fixing, $8.90 each. 

The concrete planter is from Lilyjane Boutique, a Dipped Concrete Planter, $24.95

The navy planter is a standard pot and base from Bunnings coated in navy spray paint.

Posted on June 14, 2015 .