Master Bedroom Room Reveal | Christopher's Pad


The Brief: Take Christopher’s brand-new bedroom with light grey walls, dark carpet and large window and create his own retreat. Find a comfy bed and base and furnish it with plenty of cushions and colour. Add two bedside tables, a clock and lamp.

Colour Scheming is the main design feature in the master bedroom. One of the things I love about working with colour is the pairing hues and layering different tones. It is no accident all the colours in this room look great together, each colour was considered. I decided first on the olive green linen duvet, then found the colour that best matched it, Resene “Olive Green” which is a traditional yellow based green oxide. That meant I knew the Olive Green would go well with orange tones and other warm greens. So I decided on the Resene “Coriander” for a feature wall behind the bed, it’s soft and warm but doesn’t overwhelm the space. Then I added the terracotta hues in the pot plant and cushions.

Comfort is a must for a bedroom. The objective was to create a room that felt like a retreat, where you can rest and unwind. More than a good looking bed, I wanted to create a comfy looking bed! That meant we went for a gorgeous linen headboard from Onceit. I added plenty of pillows and cushions to make it look lush. And while Chris wasn’t keen for a velvet headboard or duvet (I tried), I got away with added some velvet cushions. Finally we installed black block-out roller blinds from Rods and Blinds, the ensure that when Chris wants a sleep in - the light won’t get in the way.

Minimal Clutter can impact the feeling of a bedroom more than you’d think! A bedroom should be an escape from the business of our lives, but too many things within a bedroom can make it feel busy, disorganised and messy. The simplicity of this design, no artwork on the walls, no dresser or large mirror is all about creating a clean, clear space. All Chris’s things is put away out of sight, in the large wardrobe and beside tables. I also used a king sized duvet for the bed, so Chris can also store items under it without it being seen.

discover the look.png

Feature Wall “Coriander” by Resene

Linen Headboard from OnceIt

Moss Green 100% Linen Duvet Set from OnceIt

White Linen Sheet Set from OnceIt

Rust cushions from OnceIt

Bedside Tables from Mocka

Clock, Bird and Lamp from Nood

Bed base and mattress from Trademe

Pot and Plant from Bunnings