Get more Room


Caleb and I agree on a lot of things, which is why we can renovate together and still remain married! Unfortunately there is one thing we agree on that potentially we shouldn't, gardening is hard work and no fun. We both love a great landscaped garden, but the thought of pulling weeds or trimming hedges is so unappealing. Because of that, in our previous renovations the outdoors were just ignored.

It wasn't until we were on The Block NZ and met someone passionate about landscaping that we even considered it was worth getting out a spade and rack. She explained to us when you create a space outside, you actually create another room in your house, it becomes a liveable space where people want to be. I thought she was exaggerating, turns out we had been overlooking an opportunity to add both vale and appeal to a property.With our new understanding of creating a front and back yard, we began to get excited with the potential value landscaped area can bring to a home. 

We have a simple strategy for landscaping, we change a lounge window to a door and build a deck. We then pave an area to add another level of usability and depth. We have a grassed area and plant hedges around fences to soften them. 

Don't just let you outdoors grow wild, explore your options and give landscaping a go - who knows, it may end up being your favourite room in the house!