Wallpaper Worthy

On my fifth birthday, my parents let me re-decorate my room as my gift. I picked a bright pink quilt and matching floral wallpaper with a pink border around the top of the wall – it definitely wasn’t pinterest worthy. Neither was the dolphin stage I went through as a preteen, where I made my Dad put up yellow wallpaper in my room and spray-paint dolphins throughout in royal blue. Thankfully my design taste has since moved on, but not my love for wallpaper.

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Features walls were once only for the bold and consisted of a single block colour. Now they are found in most renovated and new homes and no longer is it just about colour, but texture and patterns as well. The options are endless – paint panels, murals, tiles, tin panels, timber, concrete, and fabric. Some of these options are pretty expensive, not just in cost but in your time as well.  For me, I love a wallpaper feature wall. The dynamic it can bring to a room, the ease of putting it up and the endless range available.

With New Zealanders becoming more interior design aware we have seen a large increase in wallpaper selection available in New Zealand stores. With many international products that are on trend and truly unique now available to us.

My favourite supplier for wallpaper is “The Inside”, they have a wide range of wallpaper that can fit any sort of budget. I could spend hours on their website as they have such an extensive range and they haven’t only selected wallpaper for their colour and patterns but also texture. We used one of their waterproof wallpapers in our bathroom. It is designed to look like tiles with imprints where grout lines would be, it is the texture and impressions help achieve that look. It’s a fraction the cost of tiling and had given us same effect. Their current stock is simply stunning.


The other benefit of wallpaper is that surfaces don’t require the same level of preparation as they do if you are painting. Our first renovation, we had a four bedroom house with walls that needed a lot of attention to prepare for painting . Rather than spend money of the plasterer and go through the process of plastering, drying time, sanding, cleaning, base coat and 3 coats of paint, we simply primed the walls and wallpapered. Rather than the single dimension of paint, the wallpaper provided texture and different tones within the colouring, covering the imperfections of the wall while adding variety and depth.


 Here are some of my favourite looks created by wallpaper I have collected from Pinterest.



Happy Wallpapering!