Bathroom Reno Recap | Charmer in Alexandra

bathroom before.jpg

This bathroom renovation has taken us by surprise, we haven’t made any major changes and yet the reno recap says it all! We didn't have budget to make any big changes, we had to work with what we had and embrace the existing farmhouse style. It meant hours of hunting down the right products to add and giving everything a good clean and a new coat of paint. Watch our Reno Recap to see the whole transformation.

Tips for Bathroom Renovation

  1. Embrace what you have. As soon as you start making changes to the plumbing layout of your bathroom - you are going to need a decent budget. To avoid that, we worked with what we had, even though it wasn’t our style or preference. We focused transforming the space with paint and updating the vanity.

  2. Go second hand shopping. When you are working with a vintage styled space, your best bet at buying the perfect accessories is through second hand stores. Take for example the mirror - I found it at a junk yard for $8.00, one renovators junk is another renovators treasure!

  3. Get your clean on. If you aren’t updating your bathroom hardware, you may be surprised how much of a difference a really good clean will make. Do your research and find the best products for whatever cleaning job your are taking on. When it came to cleaning our copper and brass, I found a commercial product that made our pipes look brand new.

Cost Breakdown.png

Vanity Sink - Trade Depot $129

Tap - Trade Depot $79

Bathroom Accessories - Trade Depot $139

Pop waste - Trade Depot $20

Shower Curtain and Hooks - Trademe $104

Vanity - Shingles Creek Collectables $130

Vanity handles - Trademe $37

Pendant - Social Light $130

Paint - Resene $334

Contractors - $240

Total Cost: $1,342.00

room reveal all.png

See the image gallery of our renovation with a detailed list of all the products and furnishings within our laundry, so you can create this look in your own home.