Dining Reno Recap | Charmer in Alexandra

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The centre of the house, the source of heat and the place we eat! Our dining room is the heart of the home and was full of potential. Discover how we took this simple space, gave it a complete makeover with simply DIY projects and made it a show stopper, watch our dining room reno recap below!

Tips for a Dining Renovation

  1. Consider how you will use your dining room as you plan your renovation. Because we have a breakfast table within our kitchen, we knew this would be an adult space. We created a formal look and added bar area for entertaining. If you aren’t interested in having a formal seated dinner in your dining room each night, create a space that works for your lifestyle and how you want to enjoy the space. Don’t get stuck in a box of what a room should be.

  2. Enhance what you love. A fireplace in a dining room felt so luxurious and grand, so we added the wallpaper and black surround the draw the eye to it. The fireplace is the hero of the room and all of our other design decisions like the firewood storage revolve around it.

  3. Make a statement with art. Artwork does wonders to completing the look within a room. Our stunning art piece by Fleur Wickes does just that! The black detailing of the print, glass and frame mirrors the black of the fireplace and the text says it all.

Cost Breakdown.png

Curtain Fabric - Hemptech $459

Curtain Making - Russell Curtains $850

Paint - Resene $605

Floors - Kennards Hire $338

Pendant - Social Light $249

Wallpaper - Resene $270

Window Hardware - Trademe $16

Total Cost: $2,787

room reveal all.png

See the image gallery of our lounge renovation with a detailed list of all the products and furnishings within this room, so you can create this look in your own home.