How To | Pot Succulents

Low maintenance – I don’t think there is a better concept. We love getting a maximum result with minimal work involved, that is exactly what succulents are in the the land of house plants. They look incredible, you can plant them in almost anything, they are near impossible to kill and they almost multiply themselves.

For a long time I have always had a preference for foliage - big beautiful leaves that fill a space. And though they do look stunning alive – they don’t look great droopy and near death – which always seems to happen to my plants! Succulents became my new obsession when I realized how many were planted throughout our property and how easy it is to replant them. The ease of care is only made better by the fact that with the right elements you can plant succulents in almost anything, meaning succulents allow you to get creative and avoid plain pot plants.

In a few quick steps you can plant a succulent and create your own terrarium.

Step One

Spoon in a layer of small stones or pebbles at the bottom of your selected jar, this creates the vital drainage for succulent. The most common death of the succulent is over watering so proper drainage will help avoid this.

Step Two

If you have a larger container, spoon in a layer of sand. This acts as drainage for water but adds another layer visually too. Too much soil will mean too much moisture, so the sand will help provide the shallow dirt that succulents need.

Step Three

Spoon in a layer of Cacti and Succulent Potting Mix. This should be shallow compared to other potted plants to create the ideal environment for the succulents shallow roots. When watering your succulent, put a small amount of water into the dirt and only re-water if the soil is completely dry (normally every 2 weeks).

Step Four

Create a little well and plant the succulent. Try expose all the roots before you replant it and don’t press it into the soil too hard. With my succulents, I simply cut them off some of my outdoor plants.

Step Five

If you want, add some stones or pebbles on the top layer. You can do little stone clusters or hide all the soil under the stones. Give the plant a little water and place in an area the has sunlight, but not direct sunlight.

Materials Required

Decorative Stones or Pebbles

Cacti and Succulent Potting Mix


Succulent Plants

Container to plant succulents in - mine are from Your Home and Garden range at Farmers

Tools Required



The potting mix, sand and stones cost $26.62. Planter containers from Your Home and Garden range at Farmers (currently 50% off) cost $56.98. Plants were no cost as they were from our garden, most are around $8.00 at a garden centre. Total Cost: $83.60


25 minutes

Posted on October 11, 2016 and filed under Inside Project.