Kids Bedroom Reno Recap | Diamond in Richmond

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Our Kids Bedroom renovation was all about taking a dull, dark, cream coloured space and making it full of texture, warmth and colour. Watch our full reno recap to see how we designed, renovated and styled our Kids Room in our Diamond in Richmond Project.

The Design Inspiration.

The design of this kids room was based around my pastel colour scheme and wanting the make a shared bedroom that reflected the things that were important to Alek and Mika. Firstly I selected the carpet, loop pile wool carpets gives such a natural effect and also suit older style homes. From there I selected a wallpaper, you can spend HOURS browsing through wallpaper books but my strategy was select one range and then pick a pattern from within. In this case the Hanami range stood out, all the wallpaper patterns in the book were delicate, detailed and had a Japanese influence. The dots of the wallpaper, alongside the square loop pile in the carpet complement one another and brought energy. And with the walls and floors locked in, everything else was selected to complement the colour, add texture and bring contrast.

The Planning Process.

While we may have small project timeframes for our renovations, we allow plenty of time for planning, sourcing products and booking in trades and services. For a weeks worth of renovating, we will have probably spent 2-3 weeks planning. Once we start renovating, we are heads down and get it done, that means it’s important to us to have all the tools and material we need, so once we start we are only stopping once s task is complete. For example the wallpaper took 6.5 hours to hang, but I took at least two weeks to decide on the wallpaper, then waited 3 weeks for my order to arrive in the country, and then spent a full day ensuring I had all the tools I needed, planning the placement of each strip, setting up the area and reading through all the instructions provided.

The Workload.

What did we do ourselves? We had an electrician come to disconnected the wall lights and update the switches. The carpet and drapes were installed by Hubbers Flooring. And Unovent Ventilation System was installed by them. The rest of the renovation was all us. Alice spend 3 days stripping all the wallpaper, then prepping all the surfaces for paint or wallpaper. Caleb repaired the sash windows and upgraded the hardware which only took about 2 hours. Within 2 days we had painted the ceiling, trims and door. Caleb upgraded the door handle. Then we wallpapered the room together from 7pm - 12.30pm - fun times!

Cost Breakdown.png

Wallpaper - 13 Rolls HANAMI Wallpaper Pattern No HAN100400011 by We Love Wallpaper $2,340.

Wallpaper Paste, Size and Equipment by We Love Wallpaper $200

Wool Loop Pile Carpet - Feltex Carpets Amesbury Colour Temple - Hubbers Flooring $1,275

Full Length Drapes with Tracks and Installation - James Dunlop Textiles Malaga Blush and James Dunlop Broadline Blush Lining - Hubbers Flooring $1.070

60cm Mr Scandi Metal and Wooden Pendant in White - Mr Ralph $359

Lockwood Velocity® Series Nero Collection Glide by Assa Abloy $52

Paint (including sealer and primer) - Resene $235

Electrician $255

Total Cost: $5,531.00

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