Laundry Reno Recap | Diamond in Richmond

Our original laundry inspired thoughts like “dingy, dark, damp, mould, cold” - not exactly the greatest motivation to do laundry on any given day! There was plenty of space to create something pretty special, and with some careful and creative planning, we have renovated our best laundry yet!

Check out our laundry Reno Recap video to discover how we did it!

The Design Inspiration.

Designing is always easier when you have an objective. I have been waiting a while to do a laundry with black cabinetry and as this space was so open, light and bright it was the perfect option. This made selecting the black Kaboodle cabinetry and Robinhood super tub straight forward.

As we had 10m2 to work with, the next design decision was around making the space multi-purpose. We had plenty of room, and to best utilise that we wanted to be able to close off the laundry - this is where the barn door idea came from. Barn doors are a cool design feature and in the right space can also be practical. To fully close off a laundry, you need a pretty large space (somewhere for it to go when it slides open or shut) finally I had a room big enough! We spent plenty of time deciding on the pattern in the door and the decision to make it pink was all about making it look feminine and light, rather than a big clunky door.

The Planning Process.

The planning of our laundry was all about the measurements, deciding how much space we would allocate to the laundry, how much cabinetry we could fit and how big the barn door would be. Once we had decided on a floor plan, we designed the laundry.

Caleb spent about half a designing the Kaboodle cabinetry online and then placing the order. The lead time with the Black Olive panels in Alpine was 6 weeks. Once we had an ETA on the laundry, we placed our order for the supertub and flooring.

The Workload.

We had an electrician and plumber make the suitable changes to the space.  Hubbers Flooring did all the hard work with the floor, preparing the concrete and then laying the vinyl planks .

It took Caleb 3 days to build and plaster the surround for the barn door and I spent two days painting the whole room. Caleb made the barn door out of MDF (as we had a unique size to fit our room) and had it painted within two days. And then spent half a day installing the door and hardware.

The laundry cabinetry and shelves took Caleb a day to install. And the tiling took him 1 day – thanks to my request for Herringbone!

Cost Breakdown.png

Appliances - Robinhood $3,398

Super Tub - Robinhood $997

Cabinetry - Black Olive in Alpine - Kaboodle $1,870

Shelving - Bamboo Benchtop - Kaboodle $1,308

Flooring Karndean Knight Plank - Pale Limed Oak KP94 - Hubbers Flooring and Soft Furnishings $1,218

Lights Mr Fix with Glass Shade – Mr Ralph $378

Ceramic Wall Tiles - Trade Depot $50

Barn Door Hardware – Trademe $225

Flush Pull handles in Black – Lockwood $60

Custom Made MDF Barn Door $335

Paint - Resene $334

Electrician - $350

Plumber - $600

Total Cost: $7,726 (price excludes appliances)

room reveal all.png

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