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Master Bedroom Project Reveal | Relocatable Reno

Our master bedroom may not be much to look at in its original state. But it had my heart from the very start, thanks to its position in the house - mainly because of its distance from the kids bedrooms! This new master bedroom will be a retreat in our own home and therefore deserves our time and attention. Unfortunately, those are two things we don’t have in abundant supply.

Making it happen - Programme & Progress

As we shared in our first blog, this project was well planned before we had even received the keys, but as we have learnt, what you plan and what you actually achieve can be too very completely different things. As I find to often with Alice, I may plan out a budget, that doesn't mean she will stick to it! Therefore your planning is only as good as your programming and outworking of that plan. With renovations, you need to allow for extra tasks and costs to come up unexpected, but adjust the plan to accommodate those changes, not allow them to derail of of your preparations.

The Living Areas - Presenting your Home to Sell

Staging furniture and decor creates a stage for buyers to imagine what their lives would look like in your home. Staging creates a home that has an emotional pull and leaves out the guesswork for the buyers. Ultimately you are creating a place for someone to call home, and people never think of home with blank walls and no where to sit!

Posted on November 18, 2015 and filed under Renovation.