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Master Bedroom Reno Recap | Diamond in Richmond

Our original master bedroom came with challenges - two different ceiling heights, a wardrobe in front of a window, a power plug from the spa bath sticking out of the wall! The long and narrow shape of the room meant we had to be intentional as we designed and problem solve the poor renovation choices we had inherited. We took a space that felt problematic and created a space that feels bold and sophisticated. Discover how we made it happen…

Master Bedroom Project Reveal | Relocatable Reno

Our master bedroom may not be much to look at in its original state. But it had my heart from the very start, thanks to its position in the house - mainly because of its distance from the kids bedrooms! This new master bedroom will be a retreat in our own home and therefore deserves our time and attention. Unfortunately, those are two things we don’t have in abundant supply.